10 Unique Advantages of the Android Smartphone OS

Advantages of the Android OS
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Android is a unique operating system that can be put on almost any device. It has the most important consumer characteristics simplicity, beauty and functionality. The first platform, developed by the global giant Google, appeared in September 2008. Immediately won the leading position in the market found a response in the hearts of buyers. Each update caused a storm of emotions, responses and enthusiasm. Gradually improving and changing, the system was formed finally, acquired its unique features and significant advantages. To get constant access to e-mail, the user needs to enter their registration data and get started, without having to configure the functions through the browser.

Advantages of Android Smartphone

Unique design:

Elegant functional desktop, a bright list of applications. You can put absolutely any screen saver.

Supports various widgets:

Android Widgets
Android Widgets

Now you can keep abreast of all the latest news, monitor the weather. monitor important information. One click from the desktop is instant access, you can manually resize it, transform it as desired.


For Android, a large number of different programs have been created, with the help of which life will turn into a fascinating journey. Every day will bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasant discoveries. The phone will satisfy all needs, solve any problems. Work on the Internet is becoming more comfortable and productive. Fast, accurate, quality downloads without losses. If desired, you can even watch movies in excellent quality. One can use android as he like, he can Root his phone or Flash Android phone if he wants.


Multitasking on Android
Multitasking on Android

If you have an android Smartphone, by then, you have a furthermore favored point of view of multitasking. This is because of it can be used to play out a couple of endeavors in the meantime. For example, you can scrutinize on the Internet and furthermore play music on your Android phone.

Bigger Screen:

Without a doubt, the screen of Android Smartphone is about more noteworthy than iPhone while you need to pay less money. Thusly, if you are wishing to assert a more noteworthy screen phone with your little save subsidizes, this is the one to go for. if you want more big screen then attach TV with android. Well there is a devise as called Android TV Box to do it. Find more about Best Android TV Box.

Removable Storage and Battery:

Removable Storage for android
Removable Storage

Extending memory confine in an iPhone or iPad requires a costly refresh; however various Android contraptions have expandable microSD card spaces. Android batteries are moreover removable, contemplating substitution of basically the battery and not the entire phone.

Use a smartphone as a flash drive:

All smartphones based on Android support Micro SD memory cards, so transferring data from the computer will not cause trouble. Everything will be quick and productive. With the help of cards, you can easily increase the memory capacity of the device and save all the necessary information. Use a smartphone as a flash drive.

Open Source:

Android with Linux kernel
Android with Linux kernel

Get the open source advantage from permitting, eminence free, and the best innovation structure offered by the Android people group. which is basted on Linux kernel. The design of the Android SDK is open-source which implies you can really interface with the group for the up and coming extensions of Android portable application advancement. This is the thing that makes the Android stage exceptionally appealing for handset producers and remote administrators, which brings about a speedier improvement of Android-based Smartphone’s, and better open doors for designers to gain more. That is the good things of Android.

Individual settings:

You can customize the operating system as you wish, individual graphic design – only the most necessary and useful.

Google services:

Google Services For Android
Google Services For Android

A Unique opportunity to try out all new Google services before others. They work here better than on other platforms. Enjoyment will not be the limit. The update takes place through the air, without the help of a computer.

The tremendous opportunity for minimal money to touch the most modern technologies, fully use them to successfully work and live comfortably, enjoying every moment!

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