What to choose: IPhone or Android Your Way To Success

iPhone vs. Android smartphones
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In the age of information technology, a large number of consumers are discovering the smartphone market. When buying a smartphone, you have a choice of several competing brands. Recently, the two most popular phones are Android and iPhone. Between them is a fierce competition, each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Choose an iPhone

white iphone 5cIf you are looking for an easy-to-use smartphone, then the iPhone will probably be your best choice. With its history of easy-to-use operating systems, Apple dominates the market in this respect. Most users find the iOS operating system simple and intuitive. It is simple and clears everything from the settings and ending with applications.

Choose An Android

Android smartphoneIf you want to freely change any settings and do everything on your smartphone, you should look in the direction of Android. Android market will allow you to download any applications you want to see on your phone, without preliminary verification from Google. You can also play almost all modern media formats including mkv, avi and mpeg on Android devices( Android TV Box ). IPhone can play a limited number of files without additional conversion.

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diagram of user interfaceSmartphones of both brands are protected in terms of viruses and malware. Since Apple checks all applications coming into the app store, the path to the malware is closed. Google does not decide for you what you can use, leaving your users freedom of choice. This freedom gives an increased risk of viruses on Android devices. However, there are applications that install to protect you from viruses.

which smartphone to chooseWorry about which of the smartphone application database is more left in the past. Over the years, the iPhone had an advantage, which is explained by the fact that all applications were written for iOS. However, Android quickly made up for lost time, and now on the Android market you can find all the applications you could think of, and even more. In 99% of cases, any application that exists on one of the devices can be downloaded for another.

Are you new to the topic of smartphones? Do you have problems with new technologies? Most likely you will be more suited to the iPhone, simply because it is focused on ease of use. If you are an old smartphone user or with technology on a short leg, or just want to squeeze everything out of your phone in terms of personalization, Android is just for you. The choice of the device is reduced in most cases to how and for what you are going to use it.

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