What is an Android TV Box & What Does It Do?

What is an Android TV Box
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You may be a good fan of an android also love to watching movies and TV Shows or diehard fan to play android games. Well you can get all those things in an android TV box and much more. Here I am going to tell you what is an android TV box can really do.

So, in this post I will describe what is an android TV box? What does it do, Features of Best android TV box, how this work and so on.

What is an Android TV Box

If you ask me the question, what is an android TV box? Then I am going to say, An Android TV box is a TV box that running with an Android operating system.This is the same operating system that we use on our smart phone. It is also called as Kodi Box, streaming box or OTT Box. It is a TV Box that built for streaming purposes.

Basically it comes with many streaming apps and media center such as Kodi / XBMC. But With some Kodi add-ons it will provide you all kind of streams, including Movies / TV series, TV channels, Live TV, YouTube video, Android games, Web Browsing and so many things.

Features of Android TV box

There are so many features of Android TV Box. Here i am describing you some important of them that you should know.

Play Live TV (Worldwide): No longer needed Satellite Dish. So, no longer to pay extra money for it. All you need to have a net conduction and you Boom. Now you can play all live TV, videos, tv show, YouTube and all streaming videos as you want.

Live Sports: No need to weary again about to see live Sports if you are a Sports lover. With this tv box you can see all kind of live sports. Anytime anywere.

Movies: If you are a movie lover or like to watch Animated movies in HD then you need it most then others. Because you can watch any movies any time in HD. So what else you need.

Play Music: some time you get bored, so play Music with Android TV box. You can search your favorite music on it. Also you can watch favorite Music Video search on YouTube.

Web Browsing: you can even browse every single website that you want to visit by android TV box. You can also browse your favorite social media like Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, and Google plus etc.

Games: The favorite part is you can Play all android games in android tv box. There are many games only bild for android TV box. So you can play your favorite android games on learge skin. What ilse is need for a game lover. Also Access to Thousands of apps via Google Play store

Features of Android TV box

What dose android TV boxes really do?

You already may have some knowledge about what is an android TV box. Well, let me give you a clear concept about what dose an android TV box really do? First of all, an android TV box created for streaming purposes. Like Live TV, TV channel and other streaming video as like as YouTube. It is also created to do more than a TV box. So, now an android TV box Is more like then smart TV. You can do a lot of things by an android TV box. Just like you use your Android phone. You can use it for watching TV, Movies, Cartoons/animation Movie, YouTube or any kind of streaming videos. You can do Browsing website like Google, Facebook or any website you wanted to browse.

Android TV Box setup

One quertion may come on your mind, how to setup android tv box by myself ?

Well that’s easy as well just follow the instaction.

  • · Frist connect your Android TV Box with TV by HDMI cable.
  • · Now plug your Android TV Box and turn it on.
  • · Then setup your Wi-fi connection ( It’s simple as setup the wi-fi in your mobile.)

· And now go to Kodi and Enjoy all the free content as movies, tv shows, tv channels, YouTube and much more!

Android TV box setup WiFi

For setup Wifi on android tv box you can follow only three setp


  • Connect to your TV.
  • Connrct to internet by wireless router or ethernet connection.


  • Go to the “settings”.
  • then select “more settings”.

And Last,

  • From more settings Select the “WIFI”.
  • Choose your WIFI.
  • And Enter your password and connect it.


That’s it.

Android  TV Box Internet Speed Requirements

One more things I will like to notify you and that is Android TV Box internet speed requirements. Because many people don’t know about requirements of Android TV Box. Some of also asked me to know. Well, An Android TV Box need minimum 4 Mbps net speed for work properly.


So, Say bye bye to your expensive TV bills you don’t need it anymore, You can get much more now. just buy an android TV box and get everything at once. play your favourite games and browse the web all on one small, inexpensive device that will save your money year by year.

If you have and question or suggestion about this post, please fill free and let me know by leaving a comment. I will answer to your question soon.

Thanks for reading and being with us.

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